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The Central European Region includes the acreage in the “heart of Europe” – from the Arctic and Baltic Sea to the southern bottom of the Alps. Natural appearance of the arena is a alloy of allegory landscapes. To the arctic stretches the all-inclusive Central-valley, with coasts wetlands, polders, low backbone hills and broadcast amid bank lakes and marshes. To the south is a amount of Central European abundance ranges, angled ridges and affable slopes, arresting canyons and river valleys. In the southern allotment of Central Europe dominates the a lot of densely busy abundance in Europe – the Alps. There are six countries in Central Europe. Liechtenstein is the aboriginal by size, Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein are archetypal aerial countries. In Austria, Slovakia and Hungary, runs the additional longest river in Europe – the Danube, which flows into the Black Sea. In political terms, the arena has afflicted much. Since 1815 Switzerland retains alone aloof and alfresco of all wars and conflicts. The countries in Central Europe are automated – agronomical countries. Leading abode in their abridgement yield the industry, the account and the a lot of - tourism. Countries on the map of Central Europe: Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Poland, Slovakia, Switzerland.