Map of Caribbean Sea Area

Map of Caribbean Sea Area Pictures
Map of Caribbean Sea
Map of Caribbean Sea Pics
Map of Caribbean Sea Area
The Caribbean is a region and accumulation of islands which abstracted the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. This arena is positioned amid the southeastern allocation of the United States, not far from the bank of Florida, and South America which lies to the south. To the West lies Mexico.
The arena consists of over 7000 islands, cays, reefs, and islets. These islands are generally referred to as the West Indies, which they were called because if Christopher Columbus accustomed there in 1492 he admitting he had accomplished India.
The arena can be subdivided into the Antilles, the Bahamas, and the Turks and Caicos Islands. The breadth is advised to be allotment of North America if it comes to backroom and all-embracing cooperation. The citizenry of the Caribbean is 39,169,962, and has a absolute acreage breadth of 2,754,000 aboveboard km.