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Balkans - Southeastern Europe Maps
Map of Balkans Southeastern Europe
Southeast Europe or Southeastern Europe is a almost contempo political appellation mostly for the states of the Balkans. Writers such as Maria Todorova and Vesna Goldsworthy accept appropriate the use of the appellation Southeastern Europe to alter the chat Balkans for the region, to abbreviate abeyant misunderstandings about the appellation Balkans accepting abrogating connotations.

Balkans - Southeastern Europe region includes all the Balkan Peninsula. Its name comes anatomy the name Balkans, which the Ottoman Turks gave to the Old Mountains. The Balkan Peninsula cantankerous above anchorage in Western and Central Europe, to the Middle East and Northern and Eastern Europe, and Mediterranean Africa. Because of this cardinal bounded position the Balkans centuries were apparent by crusades, invasions and abounding aggressive conflicts. Mixing of altered nations and indigenous groups anatomy abounding cultures, languages ​​and traditions over the centuries. Countries on Balkans map: Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Albania.