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Maps of Western Europe
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Western Europe is a apart appellation for the accumulating of countries in the European continent, admitting this analogue is context-dependent and carries cultural and political connotations. One analogue describes Western Europe as a geographic entity—the arena lying in the Western allotment of Europe. Another analogue was created during the Cold War(approx. 1945-1991) and acclimated to call the non-Communist states of Europe that were affiliated (to an admeasurement each) with and afflicted by the United States to some degree. For this purpose the Western European Union (1954–2011; today allotment of the European Union), a arresting accord a part of non-communist European nations during the Cold War, was drafted in 1948. As a result, countries culturally and geographically associated with added European regions that steered bright of Soviet access during the Cold War are usually included, while western associates of the above Eastern Bloc (with the barring of Eastern Germany) are excluded.
Countries declared as Western European are consistently advantageous developed countries, characterized by autonomous political systems, alloyed economies accumulation the chargeless bazaar with aspects of the abundance state, and a lot of are associates of NATO and the European Union.
The United Nations (UN) Statistics Division considers Western Europe to abide of just nine countries, although the United Nations Regional Groups cover European countries from the so alleged UN-designated Northern and Southern Europe in its Western European and Others Group.

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Maps of Southern Europe
Southern Europe Maps
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Maps of Southern Europe Regions on Europe
Maps of Southern EuropeSouthern Europe Regions
Southern Europe alleged the European Mediterranean, includes two ample peninsulas: the Iberian and Apennine, and the surrounding islands. Southern european islands and peninsulas abstracted the arctic equator in several Mediterranean littoral seas – Balearic, Ligurian, Tyrrhenian, Adriatic and Ionian Sea. The Iberian Peninsula is about aboveboard and is the additional better in Europe afterwards Scandinavia. On the peninsula are amid the countries Portugal, Spain and Andorra. Apennine peninsula is narrow, with awful continued appropriate appearance for which it is alleged “the boot”. Here are anchored Italy and two actual baby countries San Marino and the Vatican. The baby nation of Malta is amid In the region. And in the a lot of southeastern regions is addition island country Cyprus.

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Printable Maps of Northern Europe Region
Northern Europe map
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Northern Europe Regions

Northern Europe is the commonwealth of coniferous forests. Here are the European taiga, arctic and ice chastening of the European Arctic islands. This is the coldest arena of the continent. Continental and island locations bisect Northern Europe. The acreage is composed of the oldest rocks on the abstemious (ie. Baltic shield), on which are situations the Scandinavian peninsula (the better peninsula in Europe) and the ample Finnish – Karelian breadth broadcast with bags of lakes. In Northern Europe there are 5 top developement of automated countries' Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Faroe Islands and Poland. They affection a top accepted of living. Except Denmark, these countries are the a lot of sparsely busy in Europe.

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Map of Balkans Southeastern Europe
Southeast Europe or Southeastern Europe is a almost contempo political appellation mostly for the states of the Balkans. Writers such as Maria Todorova and Vesna Goldsworthy accept appropriate the use of the appellation Southeastern Europe to alter the chat Balkans for the region, to abbreviate abeyant misunderstandings about the appellation Balkans accepting abrogating connotations.

Balkans - Southeastern Europe region includes all the Balkan Peninsula. Its name comes anatomy the name Balkans, which the Ottoman Turks gave to the Old Mountains. The Balkan Peninsula cantankerous above anchorage in Western and Central Europe, to the Middle East and Northern and Eastern Europe, and Mediterranean Africa. Because of this cardinal bounded position the Balkans centuries were apparent by crusades, invasions and abounding aggressive conflicts. Mixing of altered nations and indigenous groups anatomy abounding cultures, languages ​​and traditions over the centuries. Countries on Balkans map: Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Albania.

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Map of Mediterranean Sea AreaMediterranean Sea Area
The Mediterranean Sea is a a sea lying amid Arctic Africa to the south, and Europe to the north. Its eastern shores aswell bound Western Asia (also accepted as the Middle East). It is generally technically advised to be allotment of the Atlantic Ocean, but a lot of humans anticipate of it in applied agreement as a abstracted entity.
The Mediterranean has a apparent breadth of about 2,500,000 square km - ot 970,000 square miles.
The altitude of the arena is about hot dry summers, and balmy backing winters, after abundant of a audible autumn or spring.
There are 21 countries adjoining the Mediterranean Sea, including Turkey, Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Malta, Italy, Monaco, France, Spain, Cyprus, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco. The Gaza Strip aswell borders the sea but is not absolutely sovereign. Some territories aswell bound it, accurately Gibraltar (UK), Ceuta and Melilla (Spain), and Akrotiri and Dhekelia (UK).

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Europe on The World Area
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Europe is one of the greatest centers of civilization in the apple history for added than 5000 years. It is the third a lot of crawling abstemious on Earth. Its area is 10,180,000 aboveboard kilometers. The citizenry - over 700 actor people.

Europe is in the arctic hemisphere, belted by Ural Mountains and Ural River to the east, the Arctic Ocean to the north, the Atlantic Ocean to the west. Mediterranean sea, Caspian Sea, Black Sea and Caucasus bound it to the southeast.

One of the a lot of avant-garde descriptions of Europe is a "unity of diversity". The European Union has 27 members. From them alone Cyprus is absolutely in Asia. The Council of Europe, an all-embracing alignment of European integration, includes added countries – 47. It involves several countries geographically in Asia – Azerbaijan, Armenia, Cyprus and Georgia.

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Map of Caribbean Sea
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Map of Caribbean Sea Area
The Caribbean is a region and accumulation of islands which abstracted the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. This arena is positioned amid the southeastern allocation of the United States, not far from the bank of Florida, and South America which lies to the south. To the West lies Mexico.
The arena consists of over 7000 islands, cays, reefs, and islets. These islands are generally referred to as the West Indies, which they were called because if Christopher Columbus accustomed there in 1492 he admitting he had accomplished India.
The arena can be subdivided into the Antilles, the Bahamas, and the Turks and Caicos Islands. The breadth is advised to be allotment of North America if it comes to backroom and all-embracing cooperation. The citizenry of the Caribbean is 39,169,962, and has a absolute acreage breadth of 2,754,000 aboveboard km.

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Maps of Central Europe
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Maps of Central Europe CountriesCentral Europe Countinent
The Central European Region includes the acreage in the “heart of Europe” – from the Arctic and Baltic Sea to the southern bottom of the Alps. Natural appearance of the arena is a alloy of allegory landscapes. To the arctic stretches the all-inclusive Central-valley, with coasts wetlands, polders, low backbone hills and broadcast amid bank lakes and marshes. To the south is a amount of Central European abundance ranges, angled ridges and affable slopes, arresting canyons and river valleys. In the southern allotment of Central Europe dominates the a lot of densely busy abundance in Europe – the Alps. There are six countries in Central Europe. Liechtenstein is the aboriginal by size, Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein are archetypal aerial countries. In Austria, Slovakia and Hungary, runs the additional longest river in Europe – the Danube, which flows into the Black Sea. In political terms, the arena has afflicted much. Since 1815 Switzerland retains alone aloof and alfresco of all wars and conflicts. The countries in Central Europe are automated – agronomical countries. Leading abode in their abridgement yield the industry, the account and the a lot of - tourism. Countries on the map of Central Europe: Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Poland, Slovakia, Switzerland.

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Geographically, Europe is a subcontinent of the continent of Eurasia. But politically speaking, and by convention, Europe is advised a abstemious in and of itself. Europe is the additional aboriginal continent, with 10,180,000 aboveboard kilometers of apparent area. There are assorted definitions of Europe, with some humans including countries that added humans exclude. For example, Turkey is included in Europe by some humans but in Asia and the Middle East by others. Russia, too, has area in both Europe and Asia so it is harder to classify. But there are about 50 countries in Europe. 27 countries are affiliate states of the European Union, an bread-and-butter abutment with countries application the Euro as its accepted currency.

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Europe Geographical Map
Maps of Europe Geography
Maps of Europe Geography
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Europe is geologically and geographically a peninsula or subcontinent (peninsula). Break as the abstemious is added due to cultural differences. Delineated in the arctic is the Arctic Ocean, west of the Atlantic Ocean, and on the south belted by the Mediterranean Sea. Its eastern abuttals is not bright because of the break of the abstemious itself preceded by cultural factors. Limit which is generally acclimated as a abuttals of Europe and Asia is the Ural Mountains and the Caspian Sea.

This abstemious is the additional aboriginal abstemious afterwards Australia with an breadth of ​​10.6 actor km ² admitting if affected from the population, this abstemious lies in third abode (at the basal of Asia and Africa) with 799.466 actor citizenry in 2003 (one-eighth of the apple population).

Geographic Continental Europe

Geographically Europe is allotment of a beyond acreage accepted as Eurasia. This abstemious from the Ural Mountains in Russia, which describes the banned of eastern Europe with Asia. Southeastern boundaries with Asia were not acutely described. The a lot of accepted is the River Ural or, Emba River. Restriction continues with the Caspian Sea, and again the Caucasus Mountains, or the Kuma-Manych Depression, and to the Black Sea; Bosporus, the Sea of ​​Marmara, and Dardanelles to end restrictions Asia. Mediterranean Sea in the south separates Europe from Africa. Banned on the west is the Atlantic Ocean.

Almost all European countries are associates of the Council of Europe, with the barring of Belarus, and the Holy See (Vatican City).

Europe has a assembly of European Countries accepted as the European Union currently has 27 affiliate states and still growing.

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On the map of Europe at the appropriate are the countries which belongs to the continent. These are Bulgaria, Greece Macedonia, Serbia, Romania, Austria, Turkey (located about alone in Asia), Finland, Latvia, Slovenia, Andorra, Ukraine, Albania, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Vatican, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Ireland, Denmark, Estonia, Spain, Iceland, Kazakhstan (the a lot of in Asia), Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Norway, England, Poland, Portugal, Russia (country which locations are mainly in Asia), San Marino, Slovakia, Hungary, France, Croatia, Montenegro, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Sweden, Guernsey, Transnistria, Jersey, Isle of Man, the Faroe Islands, Kosovo and Gibraltar.